Are you looking for an exceptional parcel delivery service? 

Fox’s Pacier Sprints provides the best parcel delivery Glasgow has on offer, with an efficient, easy and friendly parcel delivery service across Glasgow and the rest of the world.  With Fox’s Pacier Sprints, you can be sure that your parcels will be delivered on time – same-day delivery is also available across the UK for more urgent deliveries! 

No matter where you may be in the UK, Fox’s Pacier Sprints is never far away, whether you are in Inverness, Leeds or London, we can help you with all your parcel delivery needs. 

Why Should You Choose Fox’s Pacier Sprints – Expert Parcel Delivery Companies for the UK 

Different Parcel

Whether you are sending small, medium or large parcels, we can help you.  We are able to deliver a wide range of parcels, in a variety of shapes and sizes – whatever your parcel delivery needs may be, we have the parcel delivery solution. 

Delivering Across the UK and Around the World

At Fox’s Pacier Sprints, we are able to deliver your parcels across the UK. 

Restrictions on
Parcel Delivery

At Fox’s Pacier Sprints, we strive to always provide exceptional delivery services. If you have any special requirementslet us know right away and we will do our best to cater to all your needs. 

Easy Payment

No need to set up an account or find the cash to pay the driver, our easy payment options make setting up your delivery simple.

Parcel Delivery Companies – UK Wide

Are you looking for an excellent parcel delivery service? Fox’s Pacier Sprints provides a parcel delivery service you can rely on, so do not hesitate to get in touch  today!  Fox’s Pacier Sprints is number one for parcel delivery in Glasgow. 

Fox’s Pacier Sprints has over 1,500 depots across the UK, so you can be sure that  

we provide parcel delivery Glasgow can rely on.  All our depots and vehicles are connected with the latest technology, which is why Fox’s Pacier Sprints is much faster than any traditional courier company.  With such an impressive reach we are able to offer a first-class service so that your parcels reach their final destination on time – get in touch  to find out more. 

Sending a lot of parcels?  Maybe our eCommerce fulfilment service is right for you!

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Parcel Delivery Requirements

  • The maximum weight for standard parcel delivery is 25kg.
  • Items should be no more than 25 cubic kg (gauged by length x width x depth in cm’s then divided by 5000).
  • Anything larger than these can be sent as a pallet.

Key Points: Parcel Delivery Service from Fox’s Pacier Sprints 

  • Environmentally friendly delivery
  • Outstanding value
  • Timed delivery services
  • Fully insured parcel delivery services.

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Arranging your courier services with us couldn’t be easier:

1 – Give us a quick call and provide us with the details of your collection/delivery.

2 – We provide a quote, send your invoice with payment link and dispatch one of our expert drivers for your collection/delivery.

3 – Sit back and relax whilst we provide you details of the progress of your delivery.


Max Height: 200cm

Max Weight: up to 1000kg


Max Height: 90cm

Max Weight: up to 500kg

Safely Pack Your Parcels 

When it comes to packing your parcels, it is important that you protect all the items you are sending: 

  • DON’T – Attach parcels to each other. 
  • DO – Use bubble wrap/packing peanuts for added protection 
  • DON’T – Use packaging which cannot hold the contents of your parcel. 
  • DO – Use the most appropriate box/bag for the job. 
  • For more expert advice, check our favourite packing tips.