Selling your shoes online? Sending shoes as a gift? As online resale apps and sites become more popular, more and more people are reselling shoes. At Fox’s Pacier Sprints, we want to ensure that you can send shoes, old or new, with ease. Whatever the reason you are sending shoes, it is important that the shoes are securely packaged and sent appropriately. Fortunately, as the best courier Glasgow has on offer, Fox’s Pacier Sprints has the 3 top tips to ensure that your shoe delivery goes smoothly.

Step One: Choosing the Right Packing Materials

When it comes to securely packing shoes, it is important to use the right packaging materials. For packing shoes, we recommend using:

Step Two: Cleaning Up the Shoes

To ensure that the shoe delivery goes smoothly, it is important that you properly pack the shoes, ensuring that they are securely boxed. But first, if you are sending a pair of your old shoes, we recommend taking the time to clean up the shoes – no one likes smelly feet! For the likes of trainers and leather shoes, use a simple wet wipe to clean off any marks and ensure that the insides of the shoes are clean. For suede shoes, use a brush to buff out any scuffs so that your shoes are presentable and in the best condition for the new owner. However, if you are sending new shoes, there is no need to worry about cleaning them, and you can get straight into packing!

shoe delivery box

Step Three: Packing and Sending the Shoes

When it comes to packing shoes, you need to consider if the individual shoes could cause damage to the other if touch in the box. For example, shoes with sharp heels or buckles could scratch the material of the other shoe if they come into contact during the shoe delivery. For this reason, you should consider individually wrapping the shoes in bubble wrap. This will ensure that they don’t come into contact during delivery.

Once you have safely wrapped the shoes, you should pop the shoes into the original box (If you still have it) or the smallest box they can fit in, without forcing them. This box should then be placed within a second shipping box for delivery – whatever you do, do not just post the shoes in the original box alone!

Now that the shoe box is inside your shipping box, fill in the gaps with packing chips or peanuts to keep the shoe box in place while out for delivery. A good test to ensure that the inner box is secure is to shake the box, if you hear movement, add in more packing chips.

When you are sure that the shoes are secure in the boxes, secure the box with tape and label appropriately. You are now ready for the shipment and shoe delivery! Sending something more fragile? Check out our top tips for sending fragile parcels.

Shoe Delivery Service from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

Do you regularly sell and send clothes through apps and websites? Sending a new pair of shoes to a loved one? Fox’s Pacier Sprints can help you, whether you are looking for regular shoe delivery services or a one off delivery, we have the solution for you.

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