Are you wondering how to send clothes? We have the ultimate 3 step guide on how to send clothes to fashion week. Whether you are sending clothes to London, New York or Milan, we can help you send clothes around the world. For the best courier services Glasgow has on offer, look no further than Fox’s Pacier Sprints.

1.    Select the Right Packaging

The first thing you need to consider when sending clothes is the packaging you will use. For smaller items or packages, you can use a plastic envelope, also known as a poly mailer. This type of packaging is light weight and incredibly easy to use – simply slide the clothing inside and seal the package. For larger items, higher quantities of clothing or more expensive and fragile pieces, a box would be more appropriate. A box will provide more protection than a simple plastic envelope, keeping the clothing in position and minimising the risk of the items becoming damaged while out for delivery. When using a box, ensure that you use a sturdy box, appropriate for the weight and quantity of the items you are sending out. Once all your items are in the box, ensure that it is secured with tape to keep the boxes sealed on its journey to fashion week (or any other destination!).

package properly and you can order today deliver tomorrow

2.    Extra Protection

You may wish to also use some additional protection when sending clothes. Materials such as bubble wrap are perfect to ensure that the clothing is fully protected from the likes of water and bumps along the way. Any extra padding in with your clothing, such as paper, will provide extra protection to your clothing. Paper or tissue paper is ideal as it doesn’t weigh more and provides protection for your clothes.

3.    Finally, how to Send Clothes

Once your clothing is protected and securely packaged, it is time to send your clothes. At Fox’s Pacier Sprints, we can deliver packages all around the world – even to fashion week! Whether you are looking for same day delivery, next day delivery and multi-drop delivery services, we can help you. From Glasgow to London and New York to Milan, we can help with all your delivery needs. Simply get in touch with Fox’s Pacier Sprints today to arrange your delivery. Don’t forget to check out our last post for more packing tips!