Worried about sending your antiques and fragile possessions? Fox’s Pacier Sprints are experienced when it comes to packaging and transporting which hold value and sentiment all over the UK and Europe. You can trust that our couriers Glasgow based team will take great care whilst fulfilling your antique courier service.

As emphasised in our last post, it is very important to transport art and antiques using a reliable courier. And so, continue reading for information as to why you should transport your antiques using Fox’s Pacier Sprints.

Reasons to Use an Antique Courier from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

fragile item courier

We will transport your antique items safely and promptly!

Guaranteed Safety

The Fox’s team have over 10 years experience in carrying out a range of delivery and courier services. Therefore, you can trust we will successfully and securely transport your items. We understand that handing over your most valuable of belongings to couriers can be worrying. But, in the hands of the highly trained Fox’s Pacier Sprints couriers, your possessions will be completely safe and looked after. Whether you would like us to transport a piece of antique furniture or your whole antique collection across the UK, we will collect and delivery on time.

Door to Door

As with our same day, next day and overnight delivery, all of our services are door to door. Whether you need a courier to transport a recent purchase from an auction house or you are relocating; we will turn up with the appropriate vehicle and make sure that no matter the destination, it will reach it in good condition. This therefore makes our service convenient and personalised. Because our network of drivers are so experienced and located all over the UK, our local knowledge is of a very high standard.

Tailor Made

As mentioned previously, our courier services are completely tailor made. We can complete an antique courier service for purpose; from next day to international delivery. Depending on your circumstances, we will plan for and provide as much support as possible to ensure that your courier needs are met.

Rely on Fox’s Pacier Sprints to safely transport your valuable vintage possessions around the country.