Looking for an art courier service? The Fox’s Pacier Sprints team understand the value and sentiment behind art and antique pieces. Therefore we take extra steps to ensure that your valuable artwork is kept 100% secure whilst in our care. Whether you are using our removal services or our UK wide art courier service, we will provide you with an experienced driver and appropriate vehicle.

How to Transport Art

art transportation courier fox's pacier sprints

An art courier service from Fox’s Pacier Sprints comes with experience and professionalism.

Prepare Art to Be Moved

To ensure that your art is as safe as possible while in our care, make sure you prepare it! Whether you are shipping pieces to a new owner or going through home relocation, preparation is essential.

  • Clean and dust the artwork with a micro fibre cloth to remove possible debris
  • Wear gloves if you’re preparing a canvas to be couriered without a frame, this way you won’t risk transferring oils from your hands and ruining the painting.
  • Invest in good packaging materials to make sure your art is as protected as it can be. Of course, the couriers Glasgow based team will provide additional materials should you require them. We will also offer up shipping advice should you require it. No art is the same, you could be transporting a sculpture, painting etc. so make sure that you think carefully about how you’re going to go about packaging the items.

Transporting Your Art

A sufficient amount of wrapping and packaging will ensure your artwork arrives to it’s destination in the best condition possible.

  • Wrap artwork with protective wrap which will prevent moisture and physical damage
  • Boxes are easy to find, however you should try and source boxes specifically for your type of art. Leave around 3cm of room for extra padding inside and measure your painting from each corner to ensure that the box you have bought isn’t too small or big.
  • Transporting more than one painting? It may be an option to use a crate. You don’t want them bumping or scratching together. So, be prepare to add more padding cardboard to make for even more protection.
  • To avoid frames wearing or pressure and wear occurring on the canvases, make sure to check that your paintings are being transported in an upright position.

Art Courier Service from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

The Fox’s Pacier Sprints team are experts when it comes to fulfilling specialist courier services, just take a look at our last post! This is why you should trust us when completing your art courier service. From any pick up location to drop off destination, we will be on hand to carry out any commercial or domestic courier service.

Trust the Fox’s team when looking to transport your valuable items!