Sending a work of art? When it comes to sending art, it is important that the work is packaged safely and secure, ensuring that it arrives at the final destination as you intended. Whether you are sell on art online or create artworks of your own, art courier, Fox’s Pacier Sprint’s will ensure that your art reaches the final destination in mint condition!

Packaging Materials

When packing art in a frame, you will need a few more materials than you might use for general packaging. You will require:

Step One: Wrapping the Art

The first step in packaging and sending art is to ensure that the glass panel on the frame is clean (don’t worry about this if there is no glass). Once the glass has been cleaned, the artwork should be wrapped in a couple of layers of your acid-free wrapping paper to reduce the chance of smudges or marks. Secure the paper using secure tape.

Step Two: Bubble Wrap

Possibly the most important stage of packaging art, the bubble wrapping stage will protect the art against any damage during transit. We recommend that there is a layer of bubble wrap at least 6cm deep with plenty of tape to keep the bubble wrap in place. You should wrap the bubble wrap round the painting both horizontally and vertically for maximum protection.

Step Three: Protect the Corners

At this stage you may wish to use corner protectors, if you have them, if not, they are easy to make! Simply cut a thick piece of cardboard to cover the edges and wrap it around each edge of the frame. This will provide further protection to the edges of your frame.

picture ready to be delivered by art courier Fox's Pacier Sprints

Step Four: The Plywood

While this may sound like an unusual step, the plywood will provide structural support to the frame. You should secure your two pieces of plywood to each side of the painting, securing them in place with strong packaging tape. You should consider cutting the plywood slightly longer than the piece of art to provide additional protection to the corners of the frame.

Step Five: Loose Fill

Once your painting is fully wrapped you then need to prepare your box. Fill the bottom layer of your box with some loose fill straw or packing chips, then pop your painting on top. Then fill the rest of the box with with the straw or packing chips to keep the picture in place during transit. You should try your best to ensure that none of the painting is touching the edges of the box, this will provide additional protection to the piece.

Step Six: Seal the Box

Using strong packing tapes, secure all the edges of your box to prevent it from coming open during transit. We suggest wrapping the box three times in each direction for additional structural support.

Step Seven: Art Courier

Now that the artwork is securely packaged, you are ready to send the piece(s) with an experienced, expert art courier.

Art Courier Service from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

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