When did the courier delivery service industry begin? People have been delivering items from A to B for thousands of years, from running human messengers to animals, the courier industry has been around for a long, long time! Fortunately, the industry has come a long way from carrier pigeons, but as the best courier services Glasgow has on offer, we think we should embrace the past, and have a look back on the history of the courier industry.

The First Courier

The courier industry is a truly ancient service, in fact, the very first recorded instance of a courier is from Egypt in 2400BC. This first couriers were required to run documents, carved in stone, from one place to another. Many courier services took place during the times of the Egyptians, from document couriers to delivering building materials for pyramids couriers were needed over 4000 years ago!

Animal Couriers

Before we had access to cars, vans, lorries and other vehicles, animals were used to provide a courier delivery service.


In Australia, camels were often used to carry parcels and letters across long distances. Camels remained popular for hundreds of years until the introduction of railroads to the country in 1929.


Colder countries, such as Alaska and Canada, chose sled dogs as their courier delivery service. From 1890 all the way through to 1963 dogs were used to deliver goods from A to B. A team of 10 dogs could transport loads of over 300kg!

courier delivery service sled dogs


Used around the world, horses were incredibly popular couriers from as early as 1274! Horses were used for a wide range of courier services. From delivering goods between main towns and castles to delivering goods internationally. In fact, horses are still used as couriers in many parts of the world including Tibet, China and even the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

The Modern Courier Delivery Service

Now-a-days, the courier industry is far more advanced, offering a wide range of delivery services. Today, couriers are even capable of delivering across the country in the same day. At Fox’s Pacier Sprints, we are proud to be part of such a historic industry, delivering goods on a local, national and international level. Today, we continue to make advancements to provide more environmentally friendly services as well as more efficient courier services. From same day delivery to multi-drop delivery, we are capable of far more than historic couriers. Fox’s Pacier Sprints  provides an efficient service you can rely on.

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