Looking for delivery tips for 2019? Fox’s Pacier Sprints are seasoned when it comes to all aspects of shipping and delivery. Whether you are looking for a multi-drop courier or pallet delivery, the couriers Glasgow based from Fox’s are here to help. Make sure your business shipping practice is as efficient as possible in 2019!

Efficient Delivery Tips for Businesses for 2019 – Advice from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

parcel packaging delivery

Ensure your delivery process is as efficient as possible in 2019.

Don’t Go Overboard

One of the most important delivery tips to take note of for the new year is not to go overboard when packaging a parcel. Don’t use a box or jiffy bag that is too big for the items inside. When it comes to the packing the items inside, don’t fill the parcel up to the brim! If you do, the items your sending will be more likely to be damaged, the outer packaging might split due to being unable to handle the volume of items and because of that weight, your parcel will cost more to ship.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Make sure you prepare the items for sending out in good time. Obviously, if your business is in e-commerce then this piece of advice doesn’t really apply. However, if have a business in which there is an option to prepare and anticipate order volume then ensure that you prepare your items for shipping in time to avoid any errors.

Invest in Quality

Our final delivery tips are concerned with spending money. When it comes to shipping, whether this is local, nationally or internationally, it is worth investing in quality materials and a quality courier service. As we mentioned in our last post, there are so many different courier services available. So, make sure your business is benefitting from the right ones! It is worth spending extra money for a courier with experience and understanding – it’s an investment.

Also, we think investing in quality materials for packaging is an essential tip for any business to follow. If you expect the items you’re sending to reach the location in one piece, there is only so much a courier can do. You are responsible for making sure the packaging materials are up to standard!

Use the highest standard of courier service in 2019 from Fox’s Pacier Sprints.