Are you struggling to find a courier service? To make sure that you are receiving the highest standard of service, the couriers Glasgow experts from Fox’s Pacier Sprints have put together some advice!

If your business is in an industry that relies on exporting goods, don’t compromise your brand name for an underperforming courier. Fox’s will always take the necessary steps to make sure that your required items reach their destination within the designated time.

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It is very important to know that you can trust the team looking after your parcel. Confidence that you can rely on your courier will give you peace of mind that your sent items will reach their destination safely. So, make note of how the courier service you have chosen conducts themselves.

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Struggling to find a courier service? Look no further, Fox’s Pacier Sprints are here.

  • Are they wearing branded uniforms and driving company vehicles? If they do not have an apparent association with the courier company they claim to be working for, this could be because they don’t want to be recognised as posing as a courier. Or if they do in fact work for that company; they do not want to be held responsible should something go wrong during the service.
  • How much experience does the courier have? This isn’t to say “don’t trust them if they can’t prove experience,” but just be wary if it is publicised that the company have lots of experience and time in the industry; yet make mistakes during the service – something may not be right.
  • Have the couriers had background checks and are fully insured? Though a courier company may be confident of documenting this fact online,  ask them again when enquiring about their services.
  • Make sure there is the option to track, rate and leave feedback for your driver. If the company keeps their reviews hidden or there isn’t the opportunity for a service user to leave a rating; it may be telling of their quality of service.

Area Covered

Another thing to do when on the quest to find a courier service perfect for your needs is to make sure they cover the area of the UK or world, necessary. Though it may seem like an obvious piece of advice, make sure you are completely aware of their reach.

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We will make sure your parcel reaches it’s destination on time.

If your business is looking for a local courier service, this isn’t as necessary. However, for national and international delivery, double-check their service areas.


Look into the specific services that the company offers. If there isn’t much information about it on the website, ask for more detail so you know what the service you are choosing entails. For example, if you were to enquire about a service from Fox’s, we would help with choosing the most appropriate option business needs. As we carry out a variety of courier services, from next-day delivery, same day delivery to international delivery, we are used to advising new customers on the best service for them. Because of this, our efficiency and determination to deliver on time we have many returning customers.

For a business, it is so important to make the right choice when it comes to a courier. We love to keep our existing and new clients updated with the latest courier advice and so, if you have a small business and are looking for more guidance, it might be worthwhile to take a look at our last post.

Trust Fox’s Pacier Sprints when it comes to choosing your new courier.