Are you struggling to safely and securely pack your parcels? Parcel courier, Fox’s Pacier Sprints, can help you pack your parcels with ease using these simple steps. We can also deliver your parcels safely and efficiently with the best couriers Glasgow has on offer.

Different Parcel Types.

There are a range of different parcel types, boxes, envelopes and bags. When it comes to our parcel courier service, we cater to a wide range of parcels, from heavy, fragile boxes to bags of clothing. However, it is vital that you pack your parcels safely and securely.

Parcel Envelopes

Larger parcel envelopes are typically used for sending documents and can also be used for smaller items if used correctly. When sending small items in an envelope, it is important that they are contained in the likes of a zip lock bag to ensure that they cannot be spilled or displaced during transit.

Parcel Bags

Parcel bags can be an excellent option for sending items which are not fragile such as clothes. While parcel bags don’t provide protection from impact, they are light weight and ideal for sending items which cannot be damaged in transit.

The Golden Rules of Packaging Boxed Parcels

  • Choose a strong and sturdy box (preferably a new one).
  • If you use an old box, make sure that it there are no dents or creases and use plenty of tape to reinforce the box.
  • Individually wrap your items with a material which can act as cushioning e.g. bubble wrap or newspaper.
  • Fill any gaps in the box with soft materials such as packing chips or “peanuts” to keep your items in place during transit.
  • Items which are sharp or unusually shaped should be securely wrapped with tape to reinforce the packaging to ensure that the items do not puncture or damage the box.
Fox's Pacier Sprints Parcel Courier

Fox’s Pacier Sprints Parcel Courier

  • For heavier items, you should consider using a double wall box to ensure that your packages are safe and secure. We recommend using a double walled box for items over 10kg.
  • The likes of art prints and photographs should be placed in a plastic bag to protect them from damp and moisture.
  • Smaller items should be placed into a sealed bag or small Tupperware box to prevent them from spilling or shifting during transit.
  • Fully seal boxes using packaging tape, evenly distributed across all of the seems and flaps on the box. This will ensure that your box and items stay secure through delivery.
  • For heavier parcels, tape can be used to reinforce the box, wrapping it round the box a number of times will provide extra support.

Parcel Courier Fox’s Pacier Sprints

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