Do you how to package a parcel for post? Follow these tips from the Fox’s Pacier Sprints team to find out how to make the most of your Christmas parcel packaging!

At Fox’s, we are passionate about ensuring our clients are well informed when it comes to sending parcels, at any time of the year! That is why we provide year-round courier updates and news! If you’re worried about missing the Christmas post deadlines for this year, take a look at our last post. You can rely on the team of experienced couriers Glasgow based to fulfil your courier and delivery services for the festive season.

How to Package a Parcel for Post Safely at Christmas – Festive Packaging Tips


It is vital at Christmas, more than at any other time of year, that you package parcels in the safest way possible. With such a large volume of parcels being shipped, it may be likely that your parcel is thrown around and not looked after particularly well. Especially if it’s going abroad! Therefore, it is essential that you invest in some good materials. Buy some quality jiffy bags, cardboard boxes, and heavy duty tape. Measure the items you’re sending so you are sure that the packaging materials are up to standard. Don’t cut corners when it comes to packaging at Christmas! You may risk hindering the chance for your parcel to reach the destination on time.

Bulk and Protect

how to package a parcel for post

Make sure your parcels are well packaged and protected!

Another thing we recommend every one of our clients doing is to really bulk out their parcels with bubble wrap or extra cardboard padding.  You can even use some newspaper you might have lying around! As mentioned previously, it’ll be a busy time of year in the sorting offices. So, make sure you protect your items as best as you can. Also, corrugated cardboard is particularly helpful! If the things packaged are very fragile, we would say that bubble wrap an essential.

Festive Extras

And lastly, why not add some festive charm to the parcel? Go further than wrapping your presents this year! Though it may get a bit roughed up during the time it’s being handled by the Royal Mail, it’s just some fun. Whether you add some Christmas tape, use the speciality Christmas postage stamps or simply decorate the parcel. It will be appreciated and welcomed by the postal workers and the parcel recipient. Have a bit of fun when shipping your Christmas gifts!

Of course, when shipping with a courier from Fox’s Pacier Sprints you wouldn’t have to go to such extreme procedures for the safety of your parcel. Don’t worry about knowing how to package a parcel for post with our courier service! It is completely personalised and catered to your needs!

Be sure your parcel reaches it’s destination this Christmas with help from Fox’s Pacier Sprints.