Are you wondering how to pack a parcel? Here are 5 easy steps to pack and send any parcel:

1.    Choose the right packaging (a box or parcel bag)

When choosing the right packaging for the item, you need to consider the size of the item you are sending as well as the material of the item. Fragile, heavier and sharp items should always be packaged and sent in a strong cardboard box. Items such as clothing and fabric, however, can be delivered in a simple parcel bag, this will reduce the weight of your parcel.

Where possible, you should use a new box as second hand boxes may have been weakened from their first use which may result in your items becoming damaged. There are two main types of box to choose between for packaging your items; single and double walled. Larger boxes (30cm squared and larger) and heavier items (5kg +) should be in a double walled box.

2.    Wrap the item in a protective material (e.g. bubble wrap)

Before putting your item in the box or parcel bag, you should wrap it in protective material, such as bubble wrap, to ensure that your item is protected during transit. If you are using a box, you should also fill the box with loose materials such as packing peanuts or newspaper to keep things from moving around inside the box.

How to Pack a Parcel Infographic

3.    Secure the package with quality tape

Once your item is in the box or parcel bag, you should secure all the edges and opening with strong, quality tape. This will ensure that the box remains sealed and secure during the delivery process. If you are concerned about your package, you may wish to consider double boxing the parcel for extra security.

  • Double boxing involves placing the parcel box inside a larger box, filling the gaps with some sort of loose fill for further protection. Again, seal the box securely with strong tape.

4.    Remove any labels if you are using a second hand box

Should you decide to use a second hand box, you should ensure that all previous delivery labels and address details are removed to ensure that the parcel ends up in the right place.

5.    Clearly address the parcel

Ensuring that your package is clearly labelled is essential. You should check the labelling requirements with your courier, as they may provide additional barcodes which you may have to put on yourself, or the courier may put it on for you. It is important to double check with your courier to ensure that you include all the required delivery details.

The Journey of Your Parcel

When packing your parcel, it is important that you consider the journey of the item(s).

1.    The Journey

You should think about the journey of your item when packaging it. Will it go through a depot? Are you sending it to a different country? Will multiple people have to handle the package? It is important that the package is secured for whatever it may face on the journey to the final destination.

2.    Security

Bare in mind that many courier networks are similar to that of baggage handling at the airport, so ensure that your parcels are secure and suitable for handling and transportation.

3.    Conveyor

Depending on which courier you use, the item may be placed onto a conveyor belt, which means it could face some bumps along the way. Make sure that the package is sturdy and strong enough to endure these steps.

4.    Courier Procedures

While this varies from courier to courier, your package is typically weighed, measured and the address checked or the barcodes scanned. Following this, your parcel will then be sorted and delivered to the right hub or depot before making its way to the final destination.

wrapped parcel - parcel courier

5.    The Depot or Hub

Once your package is at the right depot or hub, it may be loaded onto another conveyor belt. It will be sorted again before being distributed to the delivery address.

6.    Finding the Right Courier

If your parcel cannot stand being dropped from about 1 metre, you should consider using a courier who will come to you, collect the parcel and deliver it directly to the delivery destination, without all the depot stops.

7.    Aeroplanes

If you are sending your items internationally, using air transport, you need to account for the expansion of bubble wrap and air pockets.

Courier Services

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