Wondering how to send a bike by courier? Fox’s Pacier Sprints will courier your bike from A to B, no matter where you’re located in the UK. As we discussed in our last post, it is thanks to our vast network of over 1,500 depots, than we can easily transport your bike to and from London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow etc.

How to Send a Bike by Courier – Advice from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

sending a bike UK

Fox’s Pacier Sprints can help if you need help transporting a bike anywhere around the UK.

Take it Apart

We recommend taking your bike apart if you’re planning on transporting it across the country. Dismantling it is a great way of making sure that every part of your bike fully protected and as safe as possible while in transit. It doesn’t take any time at all! Simply remove the wheels and pedals from the frame and wrap individually in bubble wrap. To make sure that the parts are kept as safe as possible, place a piece of thick/corrugated cardboard between them, then wrap in bubble wrap again.

Bubble Wrap and Box

If you are unable to source wrapping materials, the couriers Glasgow team will be more than happy to provide them. It can be difficult to find a strong and large box which is appropriate! If you have a specialist bike it may be an idea to go around bike shops in the area to see if they have anything free. Another thing we suggest is using polystyrene blocks in order to prevent the frame, pedals and wheels from moving around when in transit.

Pick Up by Courier

You now know how to send a bike by courier! All it takes is 3 simple steps. Once you have packaged it, a member of the Fox’s Pacier Sprints team will pop by and collect it, transporting it to any destination you require. Because we offer such a diverse range of courier services; from same-day to international delivery, we can cater completely to your needs. All you need to do before we come by for the pick up, is let us know how big your bike is; we will handle everything else in terms of logistics!

Trust Fox’s Pacier Sprints when it comes to transporting any items you need across the UK!