When it comes to providing advice on how to ship a package internationally, the Fox’s team have all the answers. Follow these hints and tips for some shipping guidance you can trust!

Our expert team know the ways of international shipping well and are used to providing the highest standard of services across local, national and international delivery. Our advice comes from a qualified and experienced couriers Glasgow based team, who care for completing courier jobs in a timely and efficient manner.

How to Ship a Package Internationally – Hints and Tips from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

Is the parcel allowed in the destination country?

The most important thing you should check up on if you’re planning on sending a parcel overseas is that the items in the package are actually allowed in the destination country. Every country has their own set of terms and rules when it comes to receiving foreign parcels. Make sure you aren’t wasting your time! What is and what isn’t allowed in a country is usually on their official government or postal website. Of course, if you’re sending your parcel by courier, the courier company will inform you of that information!

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What are the contact details of the recipient?

Another thing to remember to include with the address of the receiver of the parcel, is their contact details. Something like their mobile number or email address is essential. If there is a problem or hold up at customs, gaining contact with the parcel receiver will be easy. It is also the case that a number of countries won’t let you deliver a package if there isn’t a phone number included in the delivery information. Make the whole shipping process much smoother by simply letting the courier know these additional details.

How have you packaged your items?

Lastly, though it may sound obvious, be sure and package your items so they are as safe as can be. It may be that your package will be travelling on may different types of transportation for long periods of time; therefore being received and process at lots of depots. Make sure it’s packaging is safe and robust enough to withstand all of this handling.

If you are relying on the services of a Fox’s courier then you’ll be informed of everything needed to ensure your international parcel reaches it’s destination safely. Looking for a service to help with deliveries closer to home? Take a look at our last post.

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