Looking for a luggage courier service UK wide? Fox’s Pacier Sprints specialise in carrying out effective and timely courier tasks all over the UK and Europe. You can trust us to transport your luggage from A to B without hassle and avoiding delays.

As mentioned in our previous post, in which we outlined the process of our baggage courier service; we believe there to be many benefits of sending luggage separately when you travel.

Luggage Courier Service UK Wide from Fox’s Pacier Sprints


A luggage courier from Fox’s Pacier Sprints will simplify your travel schedule!

Reliable Service for Long Haul Travel

Planning a long haul travel with lots of baggage? With help from a luggage courier service; you can trust that your belongings will actually arrive at the required destination – on time. It is often the case with air travel that luggage gets lost, especially if you are catching connecting flights! The risk of losing your luggage will only increase the more you have. And so, prevent the chance of lost luggage by using a courier service. This way you’ll be able to track your items’ location and have the peace of mind that you and all your bags will reach your destination safely.

Stress Free and Simple

Another advantage of choosing the services of a luggage courier is that you will have a much easier and relaxing experience whilst travelling. If, for example, you are moving to a different country and have a young family with lots of possessions which need to be moved, using a courier is a must. We understand that moving house is a stressful experience when only relocating to the next town, let alone another country! So, the couriers Glasgow team from Fox’s will take away the unnecessary stress that goes along with moving, and courier your luggage to your new home. Travelling should be an exciting time, not a worrying experience! We’ll make sure you and your belongings relocate smoothly with 24/7 courier services from our team.


The last benefit of using a luggage courier is that it is very secure and safe. We know that handing over your most valuable possessions can be difficult. However, you can trust us to transport your most personal items in the safest, most secure way possible. Our professional team has a wealth of experience when it comes to completing specialist courier tasks. We know how to take care of the most precious and expensive of packages and boxes.

Rely on Fox’s Pacier Sprints to carry out effective, reliable courier services on any occasion.