Are you moving with pets? It doesn’t matter if you’re moving house with a dog, cat or goldfish; you still need to be prepared!

Moving house is a very stressful time, and it’s even more stressful if you have pets to consider! For a pet, moving house can be a very confusing time and so it is important to make them as comfortable as possible throughout the process. The couriers Glasgow removals team from Fox’s Pacier Sprints will guide through the necessary steps to take.

Moving House with a Dog – Advice from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

cat moving house

Moving is very confusing for your pets!

Preparing to Move

Before you move with a pet there are certain things you should do.

  • Register with a new vet if you are moving out of the area of your previous practice
  • Ensure you know where the important pet paperwork (health records, microchip information etc) is. And if you are moving abroad, make sure you have your pet’s passport!
  • Pack your pet’s toys, blankets, bed and everything needed to keep them happy on moving day
  • Don’t pack up the room your pet spends the most time in until last on the day on the move
  • Make sure someone is looking out for your pet at all times during the move, whether this be a family member, friend or member of the removals team

Packing Belongings

Make a moving pet survival kit! This way they will probably be occupied and content during the move. Make sure the items that smell familiar to them are set up in their new home, they will find comfort in this! Don’t change everything they are used to by buying new food bowls, beds and toys for them, they will be confused. It might even be an idea to create a checklist for your pet if you’re worried about remembering all their treasured belongings!

Same Daily Routine

Another piece of advice when it comes to moving house with a dog or cat, is to make sure that your daily routine doesn’t change. After the move, in new surroundings, you will need to keep your routine consistent to make them confident to explore. If they are evidently feeling unsure and unsettled in the new space, make a fuss of them and be patient. Set their bed, food bowls and litter tray down in the same areas that they were in the old house. Don’t force them to do anything!


Finally, ensure that you are aware of any possible escape routes they are likely to sniff out. If you are moving house with a dog; secure the garden, be aware of possible dangers and get to know neighbours with dogs for recommendations of walks, trainers and groomers (if needed). Moving with a cat? Install a cat flap on your door!

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