Are you moving to university? At this exciting but overwhelming time make sure you don’t make the mistake of over packing! Organise your things in advance to sort out what is actually worthwhile bringing.

The couriers Glasgow based team from Fox’s Pacier Sprints always provide experienced advice when it comes to packing to move home. We have helped many young people start their new university lives away from home. And so, we understand how stressful the packing process can be, but we’re here to help!

Moving to University: What Not to Bring – Tips from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

moving to university suitcase

Listen to the advice of our experienced moving team!

1. All the Clothes in Your Wardrobe

Though it is tempting and it may seem like you’ll need every piece of clothing you own – you won’t. Take clothes that you actually wear and take clothes for all weathers but not all of them. Not only will clothes take up space in your smaller student wardrobe, they are also heavy to move! And when it comes moving into your new place you’ll regret not sorting them through.

2. Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets

Most students overpack kitchen utensils – which is understandable as it is hard to know what your halls of residence will have! However, take a look at your university’s website and they will inform you of your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom inventories. You definitely won’t need to bring a kettle, a toaster or a microwave. More luxury kitchen gadgets like a coffee machine or a toastie maker will not be provided either, however, be wary your flatmates if you decide to bring those expensive tools!

3. Stationery, books, reading list etc.

Another thing many students panic about is making sure that they have bought the reading list and all the stationery before they get to university. Don’t worry about that until you start classes! You will have plenty of time to get accustomed to what you need and what you don’t for your lectures and tutorials. Don’t bring books from home because they will only take up space and will be too heavy. When it comes to moving out of your student accommodation, you will notice what you didn’t use – books and stationery from home will some of those things.

If you are unsure whether a professional mover would benefit you when moving to university, look at our last post!

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