Are you leaving home soon? At this very exciting time make sure you remember to prepare a packing list for university! Our furniture removals team will be on hand to help on moving day, but make sure you have everything you need.

The couriers Glasgow based team from Fox’s will ensure that your first time leaving home is an enjoyable experience. After helping students in the past say goodbye to their families, we understand it’s a very emotional day. We are there to take all the added stress of moving, away!

5 Essentials That Must Be on your Packing List for University

moving to university essentials

Our removals team can help your move to university!

ID and Documents

You must remember any important documents when you move away to university. Make paper and digital copies, just for the purpose of safety. Remember to bring;

  • Passport or driving license
  • Acceptance letter for the university – potentially needed for matriculation
  • Student finance documentation – in the case for Scottish students, these are letters from SAAS
  • National Insurance information – you will need this when applying for any part-time jobs and filling out important documents
  • Any letters from your accommodation

Bedroom Essentials

There are a lot of extra items people like to bring when they leave home – for decoration, comfort and to make their halls of residence more like home. But think of the essentials first. These should be on your packing list for university;

  • A duvet and pillows
  • Hangers
  • A doorstop – keeping your door open will encourage more conversation between you and your new flatmates, this way you will easily make friends!
  • Ear plugs – you are more than likely going to be living in student accommodation, which will be loud! Ear plugs will come in handy when you have early morning lectures.
  • First aid kit – a first aid kit will end up being your saviour, even though you may not think it’s important. Put it on your packing list, fill it with medical essentials, and pack it away with you!

Bathroom Essentials

As for your bathroom essentials, there are a couple of things you must include in your packing list for university;

  •  A laundry basket or bag – something you can easily carry to your washing machine
  • Bath mats, towels and hand towels – it is worthwhile to stock up on towels!

Electrical Essentials

Though you may not consider electrical items to be essentials, you may want to invest in some new equipment to prepare you for life in academia;

  • A laptop – many companies (Apple, HP etc.) offer student discount
  • External hard drive/USB memory stick – so your university work never goes missing!
  • Extension leads – very useful as your room will most likely only have a few outlets.

We hope our packing list guidance comes in handy and prepares you for the all-important moving day! The Fox’s Pacier Sprints removals team will be there whenever we are needed, ready to support you in your move to university. Our couriers can help move furniture, collect and deliver items from stores like Ikea and even store your belongings over summer! Why not take a look at our last blog post, to find out more about the benefits of hiring professional movers.

Trust Fox’s Pacier Sprints as your moving company when you leave for university.