Stressing about boxing day orders? If you have an e-commerce business you may be worrying about the upcoming sales after Christmas. But, don’t panic! After listening to the advice of our parcel courier services UK based experts, you’ll be ready to fulfil any volume of orders!

Preparing for Boxing Day Sales- Tips from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

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Make sure your e-commerce business is completely prepared for Boxing Day orders!

Test your Website

Make sure that your website can cope with large amounts of traffic! This is one of the most important things to do before Boxing Day. Get a team together to test your website endlessly. Ensure that the checkout process is smooth, that your website is completely user-friendly on all devices and make sure it loads in a good amount of time. Also, turn your attention to stock levels. Make sure that there is no way you can oversell and if something is out-of-stock it is made clear on your site!

Make Deals Clear

Another way to make sure that your Boxing Day sales go through as successfully as possible is to make your deals and discounts as clear and obvious you can. This way, no customers will be disappointed, mis-sold or feel like they missed out on great deals! Advertise on social media, create a campaign and use email marketing.

Personalised Orders

It may be an idea to make your Boxing Day orders even more personalised! As we mentioned in our last post it is always worth extra effort to make your customers feel special by investing in some festive packaging. So, use what you have left over to add a personal touch and show appreciation to your sale shoppers!

Parcel Courier Services UK Wide

Finally, make sure that your delivery team are up to standard! Prepare more means of delivery if you’re worried about having too many orders and not enough drivers. The Fox’s Pacier Sprints team can be on hand if you are in need additional, trustworthy couriers. Our couriers Glasgow based cover the whole of the UK and can carry out local, national and international deliveries! We will help you meet the demand of your Boxing Day orders.

Use the Fox’s Pacier Sprints courier team for Boxing Day sale orders!