Worried about sending fragile parcels? Let Fox’s Pacier Sprints put your mind at ease with these 3 top tips to safely send all your fragile parcels. Our parcel delivery courier service will ensure that your parcels safely reach the final destination in mint condition! Check out our last article to find our more about the history of the courier delivery industry!

Select the Right Packing Materials

Arguably the most important element in safely sending fragile parcels is the packaging. When packing fragile items, it is essential that you choose the most secure and sturdy box. We recommend using a double walled box, particularly for heavier items for increased strength and protection for your items. Additionally, you should select a box a size or two larger than the items you are sending. This will leave plenty of space to fill the box with protective packaging around the items, keeping them safe and secure its way to the final destination.

Extra Padding

As outlined in the previous top tip, you should ensure that your box is large enough to include extra packaging. Extra padding, such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or even newspaper will provide your parcel with extra protection. The padding will ensure that the items stay in place inside the box during their journey to the final destination.

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Fox’s Pacier Sprints will ensure that your fragile items reach their final destination in once piece.

Correctly Label the Box

Once all your items are safely and securely packed inside the box, it is essential that you correctly label your box. Whether you use “Fragile” tape or simply clearly label the box as fragile, it is important that you acknowledge that the contents are fragile on the outside of the box. Additionally, if the items are required to be kept the right way up, be sure to add on a “This Way Up” label. This will ensure that your parcel delivery courier service, and the receiver of the parcel keep the box “This Way Up”.

Parcel Delivery Courier Service

Ready to send your fragile items? Fox’s Pacier Sprints are the parcel courier delivery service you can rely on to get your fragile parcels from A to B. As the best courier Glasgow has on offer, you can be sure that we can help you with all your delivery needs. Contact us today to book your parcel courier delivery service!