Are you looking to send a parcel? Then here is all you need to know about how to send a parcel with a courier. This guide will help you to package and send your parcels with ease!

Packaging Materials

Before you think about sending an item, you need to first pack it using the right materials for the job. The materials you will need vary hugely based on what items you are sending, for example, heavy items require a corrugated cardboard box, while paperwork requires a simple envelope. Whatever you may be packing, it is essential that you use the right materials for the job. Have a look at our last article to find out which materials are best for the item you are sending!

Packing Your Items

Once you have the right materials for the job, it is important that you safely and securely package your items. We recommend putting packing chips or newspaper in boxes to fill the gaps, keeping your items in place during transit. For the likes of clothing, we suggest wrapping them in additional paper for further protection while out for delivery. Check out this blog article for our top tips on packing and sending clothes. Now that you have safely packaged all your items, you should ensure that all the edges of the package are secure, if in doubt, use strong packing tape to secure each edge of the parcel.

how to send a parcel with a courier - package properly and you can order today deliver tomorrow

Labelling Your Box

Once you have secured your package, it is important that you clearly label the parcel. For this, we recommend using some sort of permanent marker (such as a sharpie) to clearly write the delivery details on the package. For packages being sent internationally, you should use a shipping pouch in which you can put any customs documents to ensure that your item(s) will reach the final destination without any issues at the border.

How to Send a Parcel with a Courier

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