Worried about sending fragile items? Whether it is wine glasses, or a delicate china vase, at Fox’s Pacier Sprints we have the top tips to ensure that you can safely send fragile items. No matter where you may be sending fragile items, you can be sure that with these tips, your items will reach their final destination in one piece.

1. Choose the Right Box

When it comes to sending fragile items, it is essential that you use the right box for the job. We recommend using a rigid, lightweight box to ensure that the items are safe and secure during transit. The box should also be a bit larger than the items to ensure that there is enough room for additional padding to protect the fragile items held within the box.

2. Padding and Protection

Once you have found the right box for the job, we recommend adding in padding and extra protection to the box. Padding comes in a number of forms, including bubble wrap and packing peanuts which are designed specifically to protect fragile items. However, old newspapers or shreddings of paper can also be used to fill in any gaps in the box. This will keep the items in place during the delivery, protecting them from any damage.

sending fragile items

3. Arranging Your Postage

With your fragile items carefully wrapped and in place, it is time to arrange the delivery of your fragile items. At Fox’s Pacier Sprints we offer a wide range of courier services to suit your needs. Whether you require urgent same day delivery, or have items going to multiple destinations, you can be sure that we can help with all your delivery needs. Talk to our team today to discuss your options and arrange the best delivery option for you.

4. Mark Your Box as Fragile

To ensure that your package received the right care and protection, we recommend adding “Fragile” tape to the package. This will ensure that your box is securely placed in our delivery vans and handled with additional caution to prevent any damage to the fragile contents.

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5. Insurance

When it comes to sending fragile items, it is important to ensure that you are properly covered in the event something happens to your package. Fortunately, with Fox’s Pacier Sprints, you are covered and you can rely on our exceptional team to provide the utmost levels of care to your parcels.

Sending Fragile Items with Fox’s Pacier Sprints

Sending fragile items with Fox’s Pacier Sprints couldn’t be easier! Our expert team will ensure that your items are delivered with care, protecting your fragile items from any damage during the delivery process. As the best couriers Glasgow has on offer, you can be sure that we can help with all your courier and fragile delivery needs.

Arrange your fragile item delivery today.