Thinking of shipping sports equipment?  We understand that travelling with sports equipment can be a stressful experience. Let the couriers Glasgow based help you transport your sports equipment from A to B without any hassle.

Not matter if you’re going to the Alps for a skiing holiday or heading further afield for a peaceful golf trip, we can help you ship your sports equipment safely and efficiently! As we mentioned in our last post, the Fox’s team are greatly experienced when it comes to completing a variety of specialist delivery tasks.

Shipping Sports Equipment – Tips from Fox’s Pacier Sprints

shipping sports equipment

Fox’s Pacier Sprints are specialists when it comes to completing a range of courier tasks.

Make Sure You Plan Ahead

One of the most important elements involved with shipping sports equipment, and with every courier service, is planning ahead. Organisation is key if you are sending sports equipment separately! Whether you have many different pieces of equipment or one large piece, you need to make sure that the courier is informed of when the goods need to be picked up, their destination and how much there is to transport.

As experienced couriers, the Fox’s team can fulfil unique shipping requirements. It doesn’t matter if you need sports equipment to be shipped on a local, national or international basis – we’ll be there to help! So, make sure you’re organised and plan the shipping of your equipment effectively.

Packing and Boxing

Make sure that your equipment is boxed up and packaged effectively! If you own specialist sports equipment you will know yourself how to make sure everything is safely stored, packaged etc. There are a number of ways to ensure your valuables are protected, whether you would like to put a padlock on it or luggage labels! Just ask a courier from Fox’s Pacier Sprints if you are unsure of the best way to gather your treasured sports equipment.

Trust Fox’s Pacier Sprints when looking for your next courier specialists.