With the Christmas rush over for another year we wanted to take a moment to look back on the past year. Check out some of our favorite tips from 2017 for packing parcels. Here at Fox’s Pacier Sprints we always make sure your deliveries arrive in ‘mint condition’:

Packing Parcels

There are many different packaging options for your parcel, including envelopes, boxes and bags. Our team are happy to help advise on what method is best suited for your item. You can also check out our blog which has lots of tips and tricks. Whatever method you choose make sure your packaging materials are high quality and your item is properly protected.

Sending Jewellery

Small and delicate items like jewellery can be difficult to send. To ensure that your valuable package makes it safely to the final destination, you should ensure that the package is clearly labelled with the delivery address and return address. When sending valuable items like jewellery or art you should use a reliable courier. With over 10 years experience, our clients come back time and time again and trust us to deliver their items safely and securely.

packing parcels

In a Rush?

Need to send something quickly? Follow our 3 simple steps to pack your item super quick:

1. Use the Right Tools for the Job

Use the proper packaging for the item you are sending. For heavier items use a strong, corrugated cardboard box and for lighter, items which are not fragile, a sealed shipping bag or envelope.

2. Fill Any Gaps

Quickly protect your item by using packing peanuts, old newspaper or another material to fill any gaps in your packaging. This is an easy way to make sure everything stays in place and is fully protected during transit.

3. Sealing the Package

Nothing beats the added protect of strong parcel tape along the edges of your package. This helps keep boxes stable and ensues nothing will fall out of your envelope or shipping bag.

You can read our full guide on packing parcels quickly here. Don’t forget we offer same day delivery as well as overnight delivery if you are in a hurry. Our team always strive to offer flexibility and we tailor our service to meet your needs on an individual basis. Arrange your delivery with us today!