The summer holidays are a great time to explore the outdoors and take part in activities such as kayaking, golf, or cycling. If you’re planning on going on holiday abroad, or if your holiday destination is within the UK but you don’t own a car, a kayak courier service is the ideal solution.


Our expert couriers can transport any kind of kayak, whether it is a large or smaller one. It will save you the sometimes exorbitant costs which come with renting a kayak in very touristic areas.


We advise that you measure your kayak and provide us with the exact dimensions, so that we can provide you with a fair quote. Secondly, you should disassemble the parts of the kayak, and put them in a bag, where they will be sealed with tape. We then recommend you use bubble wrap to wrap the kayak, and then double it up with cardboard. If you’re unsure about the exact way to wrap the kayak, we can answer your questions as well as give you advice on where to buy the wrapping supplies.



Our expert courier services try to accommodate your requirements as much as possible, and so we will ask you to select a time and place which suits you for us to pick up your kayak. We try to make life easier for you, and so do not hesitate to ask us about any particular requirements you have.



If you’re looking for a kayak courier service that is able to quickly and efficiently transport your kayaks to your holiday destination, be it across the UK or across the world, then look no further. Fox Pacier Sprint offers a quality and affordable courier service that will meet all your requirements. Get in touch today if you would like to learn more.