e-commerce courier

E-Commerce Courier

With Christmas only a month away, e-commerce is booming. If you’re a small business owner operating an e-commerce shop and are experiencing considerable sales growth, you may be over the moon but a bit worried about the logistics of it all. How will all the parcels you send get to your customers in time with the Christmas rush and Royal Mail delays?

The answer is simple, use an experienced local e-commerce courier who knows the best routes and can help you organise the most efficient delivery schedule. At Fox Pacier’s Sprints, we can be flexible and adapt to your needs, whether you need a same-day emergency delivery, or a pallet delivery service.


To find out what are the advantages of using a courier for e-commerce, then read on:


Rapid Delivery 

From same day to next day delivery, Fox Pacier’s Sprints can adapt to your requirements quickly and at a competitive price. We will commit to delays and drop off parcels to your customers with a rapid turnover time, which will ensure your customer satisfaction stays high.

Reliable delivery

As a small e-commerce business, you will need to build your brand reputation, and some of it will be done by customer reviews and word of mouth. There is nothing worse both for a customer and for a business to have a great product that you enjoy but that you won’t repurchase because the delivery was unreliable and went over the promised delays. That’s why hiring a competent, experienced courier service is crucial to ensure your e-commerce deliveries go smoothly, and that your customers become loyal to your brand.


Efficient use of time and capital

When launching a small e-commerce business and hiring only a handful of staff, it can be tempting to try and reduce costs as much as possible and do the packing and shipping of customers’ items all by yourself. This causes two problems. First, you will be misusing yours and your employees’ time, which should be put to use growing your business. Secondly, as a non-professional delivery service, you may encounter issues such as getting lost, not being able to complete all the deliveries as promised, or even hurting yourself due to mishandling of heavy or fragile parcels. 

If you’re looking to organise your e-commerce courier deliveries in time for the Christmas rush, please get in touch with our team, we would be happy to help.