If you are also planning a long or short-term traveling and are confused about what to do with your possessions, we’re here to help. Here are some foolproof tips on storing your home content while traveling.

1. Pack Your Stuff In Sturdy Boxes

If you are thinking to pack your stuff in plastic bags because they repel water then think again. Though plastic bags repel water, the same bags are also prone to moisture ingress if they don’t get aired properly. The moisture can damage the stuff inside the bag and give them a strong, musty stink. In addition to this, mould and mildew might grow on your stuff. You don’t want that, right?

So, we recommend you use brand-new sturdy boxes instead of plastic bags. Cardboard boxes are also an option, but they wear and tear over time. Sturdy boxes are best to keep fragile items safe. First, wrap the items with a bubble sheet, then place them in sturdy boxes and label them.

2. Store Valuable Items in Personal Storage Unit

It’s easy to store toys and other house items in boxes and place plastic sheets over your furniture. But when it comes to your valuables like earrings and expensive jewellery pieces, it is important to store them safely.  

The best place is to store them in a personal storage unit. Similarly, TV, computer and other electronic appliances must be stored in a safe and leakproof place. Consider storing them at on of the storage facilities in your area. We offer a self storage service in Glasgow, which offers our customers a safe and secure place where they can store large and small items easily for a long time.  

3. Decide—Store, Donate, Sell Or Dispose Of?

Another rather difficult decision is to decide which item you need to store, donate, sell or throw away. Keep in mind that a store unity facility comes with a price, so carefully add the valuable items in boxes that really need to be stored at the storage unit facility.

The better way of doing this task is to make a separate list of things you want to bring with you, things you want to store, and items you want to donate. Anything that remains after putting all the stuff in the above category, consider discarding them.

Another option is to sell them if they are still in good condition and make some extra bucks.

That’s All!

We hope you enjoyed some of the tips on what to do Next time when you are planning long or short-term trip. And if you are looking for a safe storage unit facility in the future, get in touch with us at Fox’s Pacier Sprints. We are more than happy to collect your things, keep them safe while you are away and deliver back to you when you return.