Any waiting, loading or handball time either on collection or delivery that hasn’t been previously advised and occurs due to no fault of Fox’s will be charged at £7.50+vat per 15 minutes or part thereof.


  1. Fox’s Pacier Sprints Ltd reserves the right to refuse the collection of any goods if the goods are not packaged in the correct manner, alternatively, the customer will be notified on collection that the goods will not be insured.
  2. Fox’s Pacier Sprints Ltd shall not be liable for damage to glassware, porcelain or goods to that effect nor liable for damage to anything containing liquid or anything damaged by the liquid. Second hand/used goods are not eligible for damage claims.
  3. Parcels being transported through a parcel network are covered at £8.00 per kg unless enhanced transit liability is arranged.
  4. Any pallets sent through a pallet network are insured under RHA terms and conditions and are subject to cover at £1300.00 per tonne of the gross weight of the load on the pallet unless enhanced transit liability is arranged.
  5. Liability under £20.00 is treated as an excess. Enhanced transit liability costs as follows for domestic deliveries – £15 per £1000 of insurance cover.
  6. International deliveries are insured to the requested value.
  7. The claim is settled on the cost value of the goods. No compensation will be made for any consequential loss resulting from claims.
  8. Loss should be notified by email to Fox’s Pacier Sprints Ltd within 7 days of the goods being sent.
  9. Damaged items need to either be signed for as damaged or notification must be made to Fox’s Pacier Sprints Ltd by 5pm the next day after the delivery was completed.
  10. Within 3 days of notification of damage, a covering email with cost and sales invoices should be received by email. If cost details cannot be given a percentage mark-up can be sent with the sales invoice to your customer.
  11. Replacement goods will be sent free of charge if Fox’s are informed of the replacement of the original within 1 week of the dispatch. The collection of any damaged items will also be free of charge if Fox’s Pacier Sprints Ltd are informed in the same way. This service is based on a like for like basis, i.e., overnight service replacing overnight service.
  12. Part load, same day and other similar quotes provided by Fox’s do not naturally include insurance. Not all clients require insurance so this can be quoted separately.

Heavy single items for delivery are charged per 25kg. If the single item is heavier than 25kg you will be charged the original price again (up to 50kg). Large items are charged by cubic weight. To work this out multiply the height x width x depth (cm’s) and divide by 5000.