To say that COVID-19 has caused more harm than good would be a massive understatement. However, there’s no denying that the pandemic has also provided people with enough motivation to chase their dreams amidst all the firings and layoffs. And this is exactly why in 2020, a record number of businesses were launched. 

It has been reported that a whopping 835,000 new companies were set up in the UK last year, a 41% year-over-year increase. Though some of these small and medium business owners already had plans to kickstart their own ventures before the pandemic. Others hopped on the bandwagon once they realized the volatile job security structure their employers were offering during such difficult times. After all, nothing beats being your own boss, does it? 

The Catch…

However, merely opening a small/medium business isn’t the fairytale ending an entrepreneur strives for. Unfortunately, many startup owners fail to realize that the fate of their venture is predominantly determined by the customers they are catering to. Unhappy customers lead to bad results and this is why almost 1 out of 5 businesses fails in their first year. 

So, the above discussion leads us to the question, how to ensure customer satisfaction amidst the pandemic when online shopping and doorstep shipping seems to be the only available options?

Well, a great way to start is by promising them quality products and fast, reliable shipping service. And this calls for a small business fulfilment partner.

The Need for a Reliable Shipping Fulfilment Partner

Fulfilment in eCommerce doesn’t only refer to shipping a parcel from the supplier to the customer. It also comprises receiving and packaging the goods before they are dispatched. Additionally, the process may also include inventory and stock management. 

In short, a reliable fulfilment partner helps you focus on building your brand and increasing sales. Because they take care of all the steps that the parcel must go through before it’s placed at the customer’s doorstep.  If that’s the type of small business fulfilment partner you are looking for, then Fox’s Pacier Sprints can definitely help your venture out.

The Perks Offered by a Small Business Fulfilment Partner 

An ideal fulfilment service like Fox Courier does the following jobs for your business: 

  • Takes the Tension Off Your Plate

By handling everything about logistics, giving you more time to focus on ways to attract additional eyeballs to your company. 

  • Ensures Secure Packaging/Safe Transportation

We can’t stress enough how big of a role safe transportation can play when it comes to customer satisfaction. Items not packed properly are prone to damages before they reach the final destination. And this spoils the buyer’s whole experience, prompting them to call out the seller. 

To avoid this, we at Fox’s Pacier Sprints take it upon ourselves to pack the goods securely. Our goal is to ensure that the items reach the customer in the exact condition we receive them. 

  • Complies with Your Return Policy 

There’s no way to make everyone happy. Even if your products are top-notch in quality, they might still not be everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, before you start shipping, ensure that you have a good return policy in place. This will leave a good impression on your potential customers about your business and they may return in the future.

Let Fox Couriers Take Care of All Your Shipping Glasgow Needs

Whether you are looking for shipping partner Glasgow, across the UK, or around the world, Couriers is here to assist you. We at Fox Couriers are equipped with the latest tools and use advanced technology to satisfy the eCommerce fulfilment needs of your UK-based business. 

If your business is already operational, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and find out how we can help make your customers’ shipping experience worthwhile.