If you are in need of a clear out, or looking to make some cash from clothes you don’t wear anymore, Depop is a great social selling app which is quick and easy for both buying and selling.  In our last blog post, we discussed finding a courier for your small business, and while selling some old bits on Depop might not quite constitute a small business, you may be about to start your empire!

The Depop app has grown in popularity year on year, and has now surpassed 13 million users.  It has a similar interface to Instagram and allows users to “like” items and “follow” sellers.  It makes selling social and allows you to be creative with your listings.

If you’re using the app as a seller, you need to consider your options for Depop shipping.  Particularly if you are hoping to sell a lot of items, you should think about using a courier in order to save you time and money.  Using Fox’s Couriers, allows you to ship both nationally and globally.  If you’re looking to offer international shipping to attract more buyers, using a courier is a great option. 

Once you’ve found a courier to do your Depop shipping with, you can get started with packing, measuring and sending your item. 

Here are our top tips for Depop shipping:

First things first, packaging!  Make sure that you package your item well.  Use bubble wrap for fragile items, fold clothes nicely and give a good first impression.  Ensuring that packages arrive in nice condition, means that buyers will give you good reviews and come back to you in future. 

Once your items are packed and ready, contact us with the details of your items and we will provide a quote and send you a payment link.  We can then collect them from your home, making things easy for you as a seller.

Finally, provide your buyer with tracking information and keep your proof of sending until the sale is complete and the buyer has confirmed receipt.

And with that guidance, you’re ready to make your fortune!  Don’t forget to get in touch, if you have any questions about your Depop shipping.  Good luck!