Our last post was all about sending documents securely, but what about parcels?  Online shopping is so popular, and even more so after the pandemic.  However, when parcels don’t turn up as expected and you need to enquire as to where they are, it is hugely frustrating.  Sometime this is simply due to delays, or late postage on the company’s behalf but there can be instances where parcels have been stolen.  In the UK, between 2017-19, parcel theft increased by a quarter.

There are ways to protect your parcels, whether you are sending, or receiving something.

Firstly, it is best if you can arrange delivery for a time that you will be in.  This avoids deliveries being left outside, or in a porch.  Sadly, thieves can target parcels left in these places and this can be especially common at Christmas time when people know that there will be a lot of deliveries.  Sometimes it is not possible to schedule a delivery for a time you will be home but with Fox’s, we offer timed delivery .  This means you can choose a specific time for your parcel to arrive so that it’s a time you or your recipient will be home.

You can also add delivery instructions to your courier service so if you have a safe place or any other specific needs that will help your peace of mind, we can deliver these.  

If you are away from home a lot and unsure of the best time to arrange a delivery, a better option for you might be to deliver somewhere else.  Could you have your parcel delivered to a trusted neighbour, or to your workplace?

Booking with Fox’s Pacier Sprints

While parcel theft is a risk with some delivery methods, you can rest assured with Fox’s that your parcel will be safe.  We provide a variety of courier services both nationally and internationally.  We have over 1500 depots across the UK so we can reach you quickly.

Arranging a delivery is simple, just get in touch with us following our contact page details.