Counting down the days to make the big move and start a new chapter of your life?

We bet you can hardly wait.

Moving into a new house sure is exciting. But as you are busy daydreaming about your new place, a realization hits you; you still haven’t started packing up your stuff.

Trying to fit all your belongings into boxes and crates is no easy task. And if you haven’t been planning your relocation ahead of time, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

To save you the headache, here are our handy tips to make your move as stress-free as possible.

5 Tips For Moving House

1.  Get Started Packing Early

While most people delay winding things up, we suggest the sooner you pack up your stuff, the better.

You can start slowly two months before the big move if you live in a big house. For a smaller-sized place, one month should be enough. However, you can begin earlier if you wish to.

2.  Dismantle Furniture Beforehand

Moving out big pieces of furniture can be a hefty chore. That is why you should start dismantling beds, cupboards, and chests of drawers first when you decide to make the final move.

You might have to sleep on the floor for a couple of weeks after this. A bit hard though but it will save you from any damage to your furniture and the stress that comes with doing things last minute. 

3.  Don’t Overload Boxes

Like no one likes folding the laundry, no one likes packing up. This is why you might want to throw similar items in one box and just get it over. Doing this will mean some of your boxes will get very heavy, making them hard to carry.

Instead, put heavier objects in smaller crates and only put lighter items in big boxes – your movers will thank you!

4.  Declutter

As you pack, you will likely discover many items that you don’t need anymore. So, why not use this opportunity to get rid of the extra load by selling it off or send it to charity?

For most people, it is tempting to hold on to their stuff. But decluttering and donating have their merits. It will decrease the amount of packing and unpacking you will have to do and also bring down the cost of moving for you. You will save money on packaging and moving when you have fewer items.

5.  Pack Your Essentials Separately

Lastly, always keep a bag containing all your essential supplies handy. This bag can hold things like canned food, towels, toiletries, baby supplies, pet food, dual-purpose clothes, phone chargers, bedsheets, a first aid kit, a torch, etc. This will ensure you have all the essentials readily available at all times.

Pro Tip- Call In the Professionals

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