Whether you’re an individual making money from an old laptop or television, or you run a business which sells games consoles or speakers, it is important to choose the right packaging and method when shipping electronics.


When you are packaging your item, you should use the original box where possible. If you don’t have the original, use a box that is close in size to your item.  Within this box you should wrap your item in bubble wrap or use package cushioning whether it’s air pillows or polystyrene packing chips.  This will prevent your item from moving around in transit and getting damaged.  Beyond this, we would recommend putting this within a slightly bigger box and using further cushioning between boxes to provide extra protection and shock absorption.  Carefully seal your boxes with packing tape and use a “fragile” sticker to let handlers know to use extra caution.

Safety and Regulations

If you are shipping electronics internationally you may need to complete a customs form.  For items with batteries, most regular batteries are permitted for sending. It is important to check the specifications of your batteries if shipping abroad.  There are further details of regulations on the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria.

With the value that can be inside, electronics parcels can be prime targets for thieves.  Our last blog post covers some tips for avoiding parcel theft.


When it comes to shipping your items, we offer a number of services for both businesses and individuals.  We can offer individual parcel delivery, as well as multi drop deliveries which are great for businesses.  If your recipient will only be in at certain times we can offer timed deliveries for your electronics.

To discuss your delivery requirements with us or get a quote for shipping electronics, or other goods, please visit our contact page or request a quote!