When it comes to online marketplaces, Etsy is in a league of its own. It is the hub of all creative and one-of-a-kind products you won’t find anywhere else online. It allows you to sell everything from apparel, jewellery, paintings and artwork, to intricate crafts, baby items, cutlery, and much more.

Setting up your store on the platform is relatively easy. However, shipping all orders while ensuring timely delivery can be a hurdle for many sellers. If you want to stand out from your competitors and ensure that your customers are happy, you’ll have to ensure fast and safe shipping.

To make things easier, here are our top shipping tips for Etsy for individuals and businesses.

5 Useful Shipping Tips For Etsy Businesses

1.        Personalise the Customer’s Experience

What makes Etsy unique from other platforms is that it allows personalisation. Sellers can sell their handmade and customized items. And the customers feel highly appreciated if the personalisation goes a step ahead.

Your parcel can have a personalised thank you note to show customers you care for them. Couple this with custom brand packaging and you can get a returning customer for life.

2.        Ensure Minimum Shipping Costs 

Not all your products on Etsy will carry the same shipping charges. The weight and dimensions of each item determine the total shipping costs.

However, most people prefer to buy from stores that don’t charge shipping fees. What you can do is estimate the shipping cost for individual items and add it to the price on your listing. This will make it look like you are offering free shipping.

For international orders, it can be hard to come up with an accurate estimate. In this case, you can charge the customer a higher shipping fee at the start. And refund the remaining amount once you find out the actual shipping charges. Of course, you will have to discuss this with your customer beforehand to avoid any issues.

3.        Ensure Timely Delivery

Etsy is the go-to marketplace for shoppers looking for something innovative and different. And if your product ticks these two boxes, you will accumulate a huge number of orders in no time.

However, dealing with incoming orders while packaging and delivering the old ones can be very hectic, especially for individual sellers and smaller businesses. So, the best thing is to choose a delivery service that offers fast shipping and same-day delivery.

Here our recommendation is Fox Courier as the company offers same-day courier service while ensuring that items arrive in a good condition.

4.        Have a Flexible Return Policy

Sometimes customers don’t like what they have ordered or maybe they receive a defective product from your store. In that case, they want to return the item. As per Etsy’s rules, sellers only accept returns if they have mentioned it in their store policy. So, make sure your store has a return policy.

In addition to this, you need to choose a reliable courier partner like Fox Courier that offers a home pickup service for returning items., The company will pick the order from your customer and deliver it back to you. It’s that simple.

5.        Securely Package

Since you can practically sell anything handmade on Etsy, it means you can have various kinds of products listed on your store. These items may vary in size and fragility, each requiring different kinds of packaging boxes and parcels.

Furthermore, if you sell glassware then it would need some extra love and care. You will have to pack it with extra bubble wrap and packing peanuts for better safety. And you also need to ensure that your courier partner handles items with great care.

For such fragile items and glassware, Fox Courier offers safe shipping and marks the package with special “handle with care” stickers.

Looking for a Reliable Courier Service for Etsy? Fox Courier has Got Your Back

Etsy offers great potential for products that have a unique touch to them. With your hard work and our helpful shipping tips for Etsy, your business will soon be reaching new heights. If you are looking for a courier service for your Etsy store, you can trust Fox Couriers. From same-day delivery to secure shipping, the company offers it all for Etsy sellers. Visit foxcouriersglasgow.com to find out mo